About Construct Card

The Construct card was created to help the construction industry by connecting all homeowners, contractors, architects and building suppliers in a single network, which would enable and make construction more affordable while enhancing the businesses of all stakeholders involved. This card will enable homeowners and contractors to access discounts on their purchases with partnering product suppliers while earning points that can be redeemed through future purchases and architectural design for new construction of renovations to existing homes.

How you earn points

Using the construct card to redeem points is easy! Each time that you purchase from a partnering product supplier, a homeowner or contractor( everyone with a card) will receive points as a percentage of the purchase made. These points will be added up and when a certain amount of points are reached it will form a marker or badge that indicates to the purchaser what they are eligible to received with the points that have been cumulated.

Redeeming Points

Each purchase or transaction will be recorded and points allotted based on the amount purchased from the product suppliers. There are milestones that are reached based on the amount of points accumulated. Theses milestones are called partner badges. Each badge can be redeemed through exchanging it for an architectural design (whole or part of) or used to purchase items from product partners in the form of a voucher.

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